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ﺗراﺛﻧﺎ  [turāthunā] 

digital art


The olive tree is a prominent motif within Palestinian folklore, serving as the backdrop for this narrative. Families gather in ancient olive groves, hand-picking olives in a timeless tradition that reflects the core of our culture.


Through the portrayal of table olives, I pay homage to our rich heritage and enduring traditions. The olive press stands as a symbol of generational wisdom, transforming the harvest into treasured golden olive oil. Beyond mere sustenance, it echoes our identity within Palestinian culture. The varied flavors, shaped by regional nuances, unfold stories of our cultural heritage. Steadfast olive trees rise tall, weathering time, and embody unity and eternal resilience.

ﺗراﺛﻧﺎ  (turāthunā)
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